Asset Management

Consistency is key to any successfully investment strategy. The greatest investment in the world can lose money if it is bought or sold at the wrong time.

The safety of your assets is more important than maximizing every return. Our portfolios are designed with safety as a top priority.

We do not believe in day trading. We are buy and hold investors that believe in the power of long-term time horizons and good solid companies and investments.


Estate Planning

Minimize Taxes
Estate Tax laws are in constant flux. Wills, Trusts, and beneficiary designations all need to be monitored and updated as the laws change.

Leave a Legacy
A proper estate plan allows you to dictate how, when, and to whom your life’s work is distributed.

Business Succession
An often overlooked or neglected area of estate planning is business succession. Business succession is extremely important to ensure your heirs are compensated fairly for their share of your business.


Risk Management

Unless you are an insurance agent, insurance is an unpleasant subject. Yet the best financial plan can be ruined by not planning for disaster.

The proper insurance protection will help you:

  • Protect your family, income, and assets
  • Preserve what you have accumulated
  • Guarantee all or some of your retirement income


Retirement Planning

The retirement planning process is broken down into 4 steps:


Uncover and define your goals, needs, and obstacles


Construct a plan to achieve your goals and surmount your obstacles


Put your plan into action


 This is the most important step in the planning process. All financial plans are a snapshot in time. As laws, goals, obstacles, and needs change, so will your financial plan. Meeting on a systematic basis to review and update is imperative.