The Planning Process


Initial Meeting
You will meet with an Atlas Financial Advisor who will get to know you and answer any questions you may have. It is during this meeting you decide if Atlas Financial is the advisor group that will meet your needs.

Data Gathering
Once you decide that Atlas is the place for you, we will set up a second meeting to begin the planning process.  Topics we will inquire about include:  risk tolerance, investment timeline, current financial status, marriage and family status, personal preferences, and specific needs and goals.

Team Review and Plan Delivery
During this period our entire team will review your personal plan and craft a plan that is unique to you and your goals.

At the conclusion of this meeting we will review your current situation, determine if there are areas in need of improvement, and  deliver an investment strategy that will help you reach your goals.

Once you are satisfied with your plan, Atlas Financial will assist you in transferring any assets necessary to bring your plan into conformance with your investment goals.

Review & Update
We understand our clients are busy and many hire Atlas Financial so they do not have to worry about updating their portfolios. Yet reviewing and updating your portfolio is an important part of what we do.  With this in mind, we will meet with you as often as you desire. Most clients meet with us twice a year, although we would be more than happy to meet with you quarterly until you become comfortable with the process.  The choice is yours. At Atlas Financial, you control your financial destiny; we provide the road-map  to the safest route.